Christmas puppies expecting

In recent months, our lives have slowed down a bit and times have calmed down.
That's why we decided and we are happy to announce
the connection between Nina and Parker.
It was love at first sight and we had a nice day.
They are both still young, but they are already successfully
pfollowing in the footsteps of their very successful parents and grandparents.

Nina (Islay's Ninja) successfully completed the title of Czech Champion,
C.I.B. the title is just waiting for confirmation,
it is on its way to the title of Austrian, Polish, Slovenian and Slovak champion
(unfortunately this year most exhibitions were canceled).
She began to fulfill her coursing license, like her mother, a multiple European and world champion.

Parker (Cunamara's Parker et Irater) is also a beautiful young dog, 

at this time he is successfully racing alongside his father

coursing multi-champion of Europe. He also does not lag behind at shows,
he has genes for his parents and grandparents.